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1. Create Advertisement

Choose the right description and upload suitable pictures of the feature you want to sell
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3. Sell

Once agreed, work out a payment method with the buyer.
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2. Disassemble

Dismantle your feature in separate parts and clean it. Make sure to keep the screws.
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Make sure to safely load the feature and have it properly fixed for transport - if you need help, please contact us.
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1. Purchase

Once agreed, work out a payment method with the seller.
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3. Unload

Use a telescopic forklift to safely unload your feature.
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2. Ship

Organize transport - if you need help, please contact us.
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4. Assemble

Use the correct assembly instructions and the appropriate screws to set up your feature - if you need help, please contact us.


How does it work?

UNIT marketplace is a platform that gives you the opportunity to sell your used UNIT features. All you have to do is register and create your ad.

How can I sell my UNIT feature?

After your registration on the UNIT Market Place page, you have the possibility to insert your used UNIT features on the platform. To insert your feature you first of all need all important information and photos of your features to put your advert in perspective.

What do I need to keep in mind?

It is important that you fill out all the information about your feature correctly, so that potential buyers find a proper display and they recive enough information about the feature they would like to purchase.

How can I contact the buyer/seller?

After sucessfully publishing your ad, every potential buyer is able to contact you via the 'message seller' option. You will automatically be notified via email.

How old should my UNIT Feature be?

The age of the features is not relevant. On our platform you can sell every UNIT feature you would like, as long as it is in a reasonable condition.

How can I find out the price

For this purpose there will be a custom-built calculator for our UNIT Features available, which will serve as an aid . You can find the calculator next to the point 'enter original price'.

Is it allowed to sell other features than UNIT features on this platform?

No. This platform exclusively serves for selling UNIT Features. We do not allow sales of other materials or features on our platform.

Where can I get spare screws?

If you might have lost screws while dismantling your UNIT feature you always have the option to easily order new screw with our contact: Laura Schröder , +49221630690 0 , laura@unit-marketplace.com. For the order we only need to know which feature you need the screws for we will provide you the right number of screws.

How do I anchor my feature?

The anchoring of your features is very important. For this purpose, you should make sure to have enough anchors and ropes before anchoring the feature. Furthermore, it is important to know the depth of your lake to prepare enough rope. The number of weights is always mentioned on a features invoice. If the seller did not give you any information about the weights, you can contact us at anytime and we will give you all the information you need for the anchoring. It is important that you always place your features about 6 meter from the cable. Its up to you if you place it on the left or the right side, unless the feature is specifically designed for one side. To anchor the feature, you should first of all define exactly where the feature will be located. Then tie the water ski rope, which should be as long as your lake is deep, to the anchor. In order to not lose the anchor, we always recommend using a small buoy (olive) and attached it to the other end of the water ski rope. This helps you to easily find the anchors again. When you have all the anchors secured with ropes, you can now throw all the anchors into the water. Make sure they are placed where your feature should be. Once you have all anchors in the water, you can bring the feature to the place you want to have it and tie it to the previously sailed anchors with the water ski ropes.

Can I buy used features in Germany only?

On our platform, used features can not only be bought or sold within Germany but also worldwide. Please make sure to inform yourself about transport opportunities before, especially when buying features from abroad.

Who is my contact from UNIT Market place?

Feel free to contact us if you need information. If you have any further questions you can find our contact person: Laura Schröder , +49221630690 0 , laura@unit-marketplace.com in our FAQs.

Why 100 EURO Service fee?

For the use of the UNIT Marketplace page we charge an additional service fee of 100 EURO. This fee includes any use of the offered services on this platform. These services make it easier for you to sell your used features and thus to create more space for new features in your lake.

How do I get a coupon?

You can get a coupon upon consultation with us or through the process of buying a new UNIT Parktech feature.

What does available from mean?

The button 'available from' indicates the date from which you offer your feature for sale. On our platform you have the possibility to insert and advertise your features even weeks before you even want to sell your feature and already find someone who is interested in buying it. Please make sure to fill out the exact date from which you want to offer your feature for sale.

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